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"Stronger Together" is an essential guide for community leaders aiming to build vibrant, resilient neighborhoods. Authored by a seasoned Community Engagement Strategist and Founder of Naberhood Consulting, this book presents 52 practical strategies to boost social connections within communities.

Each idea, from organizing inclusive events to promoting sustainable living, is designed to engage residents and strengthen community bonds. The book offers detailed planning tips, success stories, and engagement questions, making it a comprehensive toolkit for fostering inclusivity and diversity.

"Stronger Together" equips community leaders with the inspiration and knowledge to create lasting positive impacts, ensuring every resident feels valued and connected. Dive into this guide to cultivate unity and shared experiences in your neighborhood.

Title: Stronger Together: 52 Ideas for Enhancing Social Connections for Community Leaders

by Darlene Taylor, Founder of Naberhood Consulting

Print Length: XXX

Language: English

Publisher: Self-Published

Publication Date: November 1, 2024


Price: $4.99

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